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Our project in Luxembourg

Date: 22 August 2019
Author: Super User

Dear friends, we would like to tell you today about our largest and most complex summer project of this year!
So, just imagine…
Our team managed to prepare and successfully carry out the project in a small city of Luxembourg for 90 guests in just three weeks!

Hunting in Germany

Date: 25 July 2019
Author: Agnum

To shoot a duck in the well-regulated and ecologically tolerant Germany?
You can only be Baron Munchausen to be able to do that! And what about 400 ducks? Here even the fantasy of this famous adventurer and inventor will not be enough…


Date: 05 June 2019
Author: Agnum

We have already introduced you on more than one occasion to the creativity of Agnum Event company specialized in MICE services in Benelux countries. It’s all about the creativity of this team, since non-trivial and customized scenarios for business travels is the credo of this dynamic collective, even if they prepare just a standard business trip.

This season Agnum Event turned his professional eye to Germany and opened a new destination for their partners in their own unusual style. That’s why we have a lot to discuss today with Tata Pomuran, the CEO and founder of Agnum Event. She will share with us the first insights as well as an expert view on the MICE potential of Germany and Benelux countries with respect to the CIS market.

— First of all, I suggest reminding our readers how does Agnum Event position itself on the MICE market? What’s the core of your work?


Date: 05 June 2019
Author: Agnum

Hurray, our dear friends! Finally came the long-awaited summer!
But today we would like to remember our crazily exciting month of MAY!

Here is some statistics 😉

- we carried out 6 projects, two of which were VIP (in the Netherlands and Belgium)
- we made 4 check tours to three countries (the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)
- we made 83 clients happy (not to mention our partners)
- we became even more experienced, wiser, stronger and united as a team!
Many new adventures are waiting ahead!
Follow us and check out our small photo report for now!


Date: 05 June 2019
Author: Agnum

Three super-spectacular events will take place in the country next year. Write it down in
your agenda, book the tickets and don’t say we didn’t give you a heads-up 🙂

The whole country is celebrating now the victory of Duncan Lawrence with the "Arcade"
song, achieved basically without any special effects nor decorations. For the first time in 44
years this tiny kingdom has won a prestigious European musical award. According to the
regulations, we now acquired the right to hold the Eurovision-2020 in the Netherlands! The
65 th grand finale of the Eurovision (and the 5 th in the Netherlands) falls on one of the May
holidays. The exact date will be defined in the next one or two months. We will for sure let
you know!


Date: 05 June 2019
Author: Agnum

It’s never late to open something new. Even in the ancient cities of Western Europe. We are
glad to dazzle you with the novelties which we discovered during our check tour across the
two cities in the Northern Rhine-Westphalia.

So, let’s start from Cologne.

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