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Tulips, canals, cheeses and mills

Date: 03 February 2020
Author: Agnum

Tulips, canals, cheeses and mills – these are the first associations occurring at the mention of the Netherlands among foreigners. What remains behind the scenes of beaten routes?

This fall, we surprised our guests with falconry. No, no, none of the living creatures was hurt: the “hunting” consists in the performance of various commands and tricks by hunting birds, traditionally living in ancient castles.

For a long time, real falconry was a means of cultural communication between the kingdoms. The best falconers in all of Europe were of Dutch origin, and the town of Valkenswaard in the south of the country owes its name to the falcons: valk -  means “falcon” in Dutch.
To get a falconer diploma, you need to take a theoretical course and spend at least two years with a mentor who is a member of a recognized association.

Acknowledge the importance of these birds in history: the country has a Falcon Museum, a collection of 200 books on falconry in the National Library of the Netherlands, and the main museum of the country Rijksmuseum 5 years ago dedicated one of its exhibitions to these feathered predators. It is not only about cheese, friends.

The group that “hunted” in the castle, chose a combined tour to the Netherlands and Belgium. They managed to do everything: to have a shot of strong genever, and to snack on Belgian waffles, and to make chocolate with their own hands, and to learn how to lower herring fillets down their mouths no worse than locals do.

Benelux is ideal for those who want to see a lot without wasting time on long journeys - you can get tired only of the amount of entertainment.

But we know you are ready for this!

Spirit of Christmas

Date: 03 February 2020
Author: Agnum

Nowhere you can feel the spirit of Christmas and New Year so piercingly and subtle as in Western Europe. In fact, you just need to leave your worries at home and not to forget your credit card - everything else has already been created by someone else's caring hands.

Hot punch and mulled wine burning cold fingers until they get used to it. Ferris wheel and vintage carousels with horses bringing you back to childhood. Marshmallow on a stick covered with a tempting golden crust by the flames of a bonfire and melting in your mouth - then only try to wipe it off your fingers and nose! You drive off the rink to the side ruddy, hungry and buy a fondue made of 4 types of goat cheese, without taking off your skates.

The minimum task at the fair is to buy gifts and eat a couple of Oliebollen – giant Christmas donuts. And what about marzipans? And a spice cookie with hot chocolate?

Catch the list of the most atmospheric holiday venues!

Project for Boris Kolesnokov FUnd

Date: 03 February 2020
Author: Agnum

Dear friends, today we would like to share with you a story about a very meaningful and an important for us cooperation.

It's all about the mission of the guests, which Agnum Event hosted in early November. 30 winners of the all-Ukrainian project “Marine Business-2019”, initiated by Boris Kolesnikov Charity Fund, arrived in The Netherlands to gain experience and inspiration. The main players - students of Ukrainian maritime universities accompanied by Ukrainian journalists, fund employees and its president, Boris Kolesnikov.

This time our challenge was to make the program interesting for everyone.

Working on this project made our hearts pound so fast, as charity is very close to us.
and for many of the guys from the group this trip was the first trip abroad - imagine the level of responsibility for the impressions!

Just as Peter I arrived in Amsterdam 322 years ago to study shipbuilding, nowadays people are going to this country by the North Sea for the most innovative solutions in maritime business.
The main purpose of the trip was the visit of the international industry forum Europort 2019, but in 4 days our guests also managed to get acquainted with the history of the country in Amsterdam, explore every corner of Europe’s largest port in Rotterdam, take a walk along the embankments of several rivers, got inspired by old barges’ constructions and port equipment from the middle of 19th and 20th centuries at the Rotterdam Harbour Museum and met with Europe's largest dry cargo terminal employees.
The happy eyes of young sailors are unforgettable! Ahoy, sailors, come again!

Benelux in winter

Date: 03 February 2020
Author: Agnum

Five reasons to visit Benelux in winter

Eat something that you cannot find in the warm season

As it doesn’t even occur to us to cook cold soup in winter, the inhabitants of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg have their own seasonal dishes, and a number of them are prepared exclusively for one or another holiday. Thus, the Dutchman will take you for a madman if you prepare a thick pea soup Snert in April, while in January it is the king of the table due to its nutritional value and warming effect. You can eat your magnificent oliebollen (big donut) or its variations only from early November to early February. Spiced small cookies Pepernoten - a sure sign of the imminent arrival of Sinterklaas, the local Santa Claus. Slem, a drink made from hot milk with sugar, tea, lemon zest, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and saffron, Dutch prepare only for the festive table. In Belgium, only on Christmas Eve, Kerstbrood is baked - buns in the form of biblical characters, glazed and sprinkled with icing sugar. You need to wash them down with hot chocolate (where else, if not in Belgium?) or with hot wine with spices. And only on New Year's Eve you will see at the checkout in Dutch supermarkets lines from local residents buying Appelbollen - apples wrapped in puff pastry with cinnamon-sugar powder. It is delicious and unique at other times of the year!

Our project in Luxembourg

Date: 22 August 2019
Author: Agnum

Dear friends, we would like to tell you today about our largest and most complex summer project of this year!
So, just imagine…
Our team managed to prepare and successfully carry out the project in a small city of Luxembourg for 90 guests in just three weeks!

Hunting in Germany

Date: 25 July 2019
Author: Agnum

To shoot a duck in the well-regulated and ecologically tolerant Germany?
You can only be Baron Munchausen to be able to do that! And what about 400 ducks? Here even the fantasy of this famous adventurer and inventor will not be enough…

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